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Movie Plot

The Stolen Princess is a Ukrainian 3D energized dream movie coordinated by Oleg Malamuzh and dependent on a fantasy Ruslan and Lyudmila by Russian writer Aleksandr Pushkin. The film debut in Ukraine occurred on March 7, 2018.

I enjoy watching this type of movie because it’s always tells interesting stories.

The film tells about a meandering craftsman Ruslan who spares princess Mila grabbed by fiendishness magician Chornomor.

The Stolen Princess is a very nice movie. You can watch it with your youngers and familly, friends and enjoy the time.

The Stolen Princess (2018) Full Voice Cast

  • Nadezhda Dorofeeva as Lyudmyla
  • Aleksey Zavgorodniy as Ruslan
  • Yevhen Malukha as Chornomor
  • Serhiy Prytula as Nestor
  • Yuriy Horbunov as Kit Vchenyy
  • Oleh Mykhailyuta as Fin
  • Nikolay Boklan as Knyaz Volodymyr
  • Mariya Efrosinina as Nayina
  • Egor Krutogolov as Rohday
  • Oleksandr Berezhok as Ratmir
  • Yevhen Hashenko as Farlaf
  • Oleksandr Usyk as Sholom
  • Vasyl Virastyuk as Zuban
  • Oleh Voloschenko as Okhoronets #1
  • Roman Lutskyi as Okhoronets #2

Others Information

IMDB Ratings: 6.3/10
Directed by:  Oleg Malamuzh
Produced by: Egor Olesov
Written by:  Yaroslav Voytseshek
Release Date:   7 March 2018
Genres: ComedyFantasy
Languages: English
Quality: 1080p HD
Playtime: 1 Hour & 25 Minutes.

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